About Us

Lets Go Adventure Kenya  is tour and travel company  offering tourist services as its core business. We provide unforgettable services  to explore and discover Africa to exceptional people at better prices .We Offer comfort and comfort plus standards ,making our target market to family , youths and people who are open to spending as they let their soul  and spirit fly in Africa.

We specialize in Safaris in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda. Our travel and holiday making experience has greatly enhanced our way of packaging holiday retreats and accomplishing dreams for many. Our products integrate all the main attractions – from wildlife exploration, discovery adventures, beach holidays, community visits, educational tours, the wildebeest migration in Kenya & Tanzania to the enchanting beaches in Zanzibar, Mt Kenya, the mighty Kilimanjaro and the Mountain Gorillas of Rwanda.

We look forward to helping you choose the African experience that suits you, whether you’ve been there before or are going for the very first time.